Write. Publish. Repeat.
The No Luck Required Guide to Self-Publishing

Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant published 1.5 million words and became full-time authors in 2013.

This book explains how they did it, and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why thinking of your books as “products” can turn writing from a hobby into a steady income source.
  • How you can outsell other authors by framing your books – even fiction! – as a business rather than just art.
  • How a free book, when used in a smart marketing funnel, can earn you a ton of sales.
  • Why book sales are governed by business principles that haven’t changed in 50 years … and aren’t going to change anytime soon.
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  • Two of the best in the biz… A gem for aspiring authors.”

    Hugh Howey

    Author of Wool
  • It’s tough to find more honest and straight- forward marketing advice than what you’ll get from these indie authors.”

    Jane Friedman

    Former Editor, Writer’s Digest
  • The most important book on self-publishing I’ve ever read.

    Karol Gajda

    Industry Blogger
  • Consider it the most valuable guide book to publishing success.”

    Jim Kukral

    Founder, Author Marketing
  • I have a pretty popular blog on self- publishing, and I’ve written a couple of books on the topic … for my money, this is the best book on self- publishing out there.”

    David Gaughran,

    Author “Let’s Get Digital” and “Let’s Get Visible

Johnny B. Truant

Sean Platt 

About the Authors

Separately and together, Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant have written and published nearly three million words during the last three booming years of the indie revolution.

Through strategic planning and relentless execution, they’ve turned their art into a logical, sustainable business with over 15 independent franchises across 50+ published works.

As two-thirds of the Self- Publishing Podcast (with co-host and Write. Publish. Repeat. contributor David Wright), Sean and Johnny revisit the ever- changing indie landscape each

week, digging into their own business in front of a live audience, helping to nurture thousands of authors in real time.

Platt and Truant are authors, but what matters most to you is that they are also entrepreneurs who understand how to shape the stories they want to tell into the books (fiction and nonfiction) that readers can’t wait to buy.

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